New Album released “Final Abierto” with Patricio Sullivan!

New album “Final abierto”! I am immensely happy to share with you this new and beautiful album that is released by Acqua Discos.

The idea for this album came after a concert in Switzerland with the great and beloved charango player Patricio Sullivan Charango.

All the songs on the album are own compositions of instrumental folk music for charango and guitar, both mine and Patricio’s, except for one of them, which is an arrangement of a song by the beloved and talented composer Lilián Saba.

The guests fo the album are Guido Martinez, Ernesto Snajer and Leandro Savelón, who contributed all their talent, virtuosity and exquisite sensitivity.

The album was recorded and mastered in Buenos Aires at the end of the year 2020 in of the brilliant Ariel Alejandro Gato.

None of these careful and detailed steps would have been possible without the spectacular production work of Clara Zaremba.

You can listen to our newest album on: